AMATUM Academy

AMATUM Academy

The AMATUM Academy is the heart of AMATUM.

It is our digital learning space, the place for cooperation and joint learning. It is the meeting place for all learning enthusiasts.

In the AMATUM Academy, we use the most modern technologies and the latest findings in educational science with a clear professional focus.

We are at the side of everyone who knows that they have to learn in a constantly changing world: “If you don’t keep up with the times, you have to keep up with the times”.

The AMATUM Academy is as quiet as a library and as loud as AMATUM – BIG UP!

Our seminars and trainings are available digitally worldwide.
We make learning independent of time and place in order to meet the demands of the new world and to really give everyone the chance to develop individually, whether for specific exams or for general skills at work.

There are coaching sessions with the individual need for personal contact, these take place in the AMATUM Academy in Rödermark.


The most important learning offers of the AMATUM Academy are:


AMATUM Academy


AMATUM Academy

IHK preparatory courses

AMATUM Academy