AdA Training of trainers (IHK)

The ADA certificate is the “little brother” of the certified training and further education pedagogue. With this course and certificate, you can pass on your knowledge to trainees as an experienced professional. If you have already completed vocational training in the commercial, technical or service sector and are pedagogically motivated, you have the most important prerequisites for the training of trainers.

The most important contents of the training course are:

General basics

legal framework,

Suitability of trainers

Planning the training

Training professions,

Training companies,

Training schedule,

Organisation of vocational training,

vocational school

Recruitment of trainees and on-the-job training

Selection criteria,

Training contract,

practical guide

Promotion of the learning process and training in the group

Learning and working techniques,

Learning outcomes,

learning difficulties,

Completion of the training

Exam preparation,


Extension of training

AdA course