Certified training and further education pedagogue (IHK)

In this course you will be qualified to complete the higher vocational education and training. This further education has been available since 2009 and will be examined since 2011. Within the framework of the IHK further training, the initial and further training pedagogue, together with the certified vocational pedagogue, is the fourth qualification pillar alongside the commercial qualifications and the technical/industrial qualifications as well as the IT qualifications. It is located at the second level of further training and thus at the level of master craftsman.

Training and further training pedagogues plan and design in-house training and further training courses. The course imparts all the skills that are part of vocational pedagogical practice – this is accompanied by intensive preparation for the IHK examination.

The most important contents of the training course are:

Learning processes and learning support

Design of learning processes and learning support,

Learning support supported by learning psychology, youth, adult and social pedagogy,

Media selection and use,

Learning and development consulting

Planning processes in vocational education and training

Organisation and planning of vocational education and training processes,

Recruitment, aptitude assessment and selection of trainees,

Assessment of learning achievements as well as testing and examination design,

Vocational pedagogical accompaniment of specialists in training and further education,

Quality assurance of vocational education and training processes.

Vocational educational action

in the company training workshop,

in extra-company training for disadvantaged target groups,

in inter-company training,

in the coordination of work process-integrated training and other guidance and advisory trainer functions

Certified training and further education pedagogue