Change Management


Definition Change Management
Trigger factors for change management
Types of Change Management
Phases of change management
Phases experienced in change management
7 basic types in Change Management
Resistance in change management
Causes for resistance in change management
Dealing with resistance in change management

Dates: after consultation
Virtual Trainings
Duration: 2x 10UE (=20 teaching units of 45 minutes each)


The Change Management Seminar is designed and suitable for all persons who are actively involved in the design of change processes in their companies and who would like to acquire comprehensive knowledge in change management. The goal of this seminar is to create a common understanding and the necessity for change among all those involved in the change process.  

Due to globalization, the development of our society has become more dynamic. The consequences are worldwide competition and shorter product life cycles. This is accompanied by change at all levels of our coexistence. This process is most evident in technological change, which has already drastically altered our working world and will continue to do so. The tasks are becoming more complex and at the same time are to be implemented more quickly.

The understanding and readiness for continuous change among all employees involved in the change process and the willingness to work in an interdisciplinary manner can provide a decisive competitive advantage. This Change Management Seminar prepares you for a changed way of working. You will get to know possibilities and methods to adjust to upcoming changes and to recognize the chances and potentials for your company and for yourself personally and to deal with possible risks adequately. Using case studies and practical examples, the requirements for the entire team are worked out. In this seminar you will learn how to apply change management instruments in your company and for your personal career planning and work design.

Change Management