Scrum Set


Scrum theory
The Agile Manifesto
Agile Mindset
The Scrum Guide (2017)
Agile methods
Scrum coaching
Agile forms of organization
The Scrum Master Do’s & Don’ts
Exam preparation

Dates: after consultation
Virtual trainings
Duration: 2x 10UE (= 20 teaching units of 45 minutes each)


AMATUM combines modern companies with the values of agile teams.
SCRUM prepares the team for a changed way of working.

What is SCRUM? SCRUM translates as crowd. This scrum refers to parallel running processes of a project.
SCRUM determines the approach within each project.

SCRUM is the key to success in every company.
Through SCRUM the employees learn to work and lead projects on their own responsibility.
They create additional work skills and achieve a more efficient performance.

Our SCRUM coachings include agile forms of organisation and create a common mindset at all levels.
The participation is done via virtual trainings. Our courses meet with an enthusiastic response!

Get started with AMATUM. Plan your success, we will advise you individually and goal-oriented on the topic of SCRUM.