Companies apply to apprentices – 3 tips for entrepreneurs

Companies apply to apprentices - 3 tips for entrepreneurs

Demographic change also demands its price from entrepreneurs: potential trainees are becoming scarce. This requires companies to rethink. They have to present themselves better and actively approach young people to convince them to train. In this blog article we show you three steps you should take to attract future employees. 

1. offer attractive conditions

Young people today have a choice. They can do an apprenticeship, but they can also study. They often choose the option that seems most attractive to them. And that is often studying with all its freedom and amenities. That’s why companies have to do more to convince young people to take up an apprenticeship. This works by offering them attractive conditions and actively promoting them.

One main argument is the training allowance. This should be reasonably high and should be put forward in the face of studies. After all, students only enter the working world at a later stage, while trainees can look forward to their first salary at a young age. They should emphasize this again and again in discussions with potential applicants.

On the other hand, you should ensure a comfortable workplace and a pleasant working atmosphere. This includes a team that sticks together as well as an attractive working environment. This can be modern office equipment, but also a variety of machines and devices. Point out to your interlocutors that a nice, almost homelike workplace is far better than anonymous lecture halls at mass universities.

Also consider to what extent you can assign trainees to responsible jobs at an early stage. After all, young people don’t just want to do boring routine work, but to do work with sense and responsibility. In the job interview, show where the trainees can develop and contribute to your company.

2. addressing trainees correctly

If you want to win over trainees, you first have to address the pupils and high school graduates. And in the right way. You must reach them in the areas in which they are active. Present yourself at job fairs, take part in job-finding days in schools and advertise in school newspapers.

Use the Social Web by placing advertisements, for example sponsored posts, i.e. paid articles. Place them in media that young people use. Also make use of your company’s location by putting up posters inviting students to take part in training. Produce flyers and info brochures that provide information about your company and contain detailed information about the training.

3. a good self-presentation

In everything you do, you should pay attention to a good self-presentation. This applies to your appearance at a trade fair as well as to the design of a flyer. Make sure that your company presents itself in a uniform, serious and attractive way. Confidently show your strengths and emphasize the advantages of training in your company. Don’t be afraid to play off the advantages of an apprenticeship against a university course. Remember that young people are looking for exciting jobs with an attractive employer, and therefore meet them halfway. Be prepared for the wishes of the young people. If you present yourself as an excellent company, this attitude will also be transferred to potential trainees.

So, to sum up: What is important are attractive conditions for trainees, the right approach to young people and good self-presentation. If you take these tips to heart, you will have a good chance of getting a good start in your “Applying for a job with a trainee”.

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