What would learning be in a digital world without digital media?

CPT1 is the Career Planning Tool of the, which prepares companies to use it.

With CPT1 we are the innovative solution in web-based talent management and educational consulting.

On we want to face the digitalization in three ways:
Firstly, we want to use it to visualize the talents in companies, accordingly we want to provide the best possible learning media and finally we want to prepare employees for a digital world.


With you can:

On, the EU-DSGVO naturally applies, which is why we protect personal data and subject it to a higher level of protection.

The male form chosen on our website always refers to female, male and different persons at the same time. A triple designation has been omitted in favour of better legibility. At AMATUM, the focus is on skills.

CPT1 ist das Career Planning Training der Amatum Academy, welches Sie auf die Nutzung von vorbereitet. Mit CPT1 sind wir die Nummer 1 bei der webbasierten Karriereplanung