Finding the right job

Finding the right job

You just finished school or you’re about to? Then the time has come for you to choose a profession. This decision is very important because it will accompany you all your life. It determines when and how much you work and how much you earn. Therefore, you should not rush but take your time and think about it in peace. In our job-finding seminar we will help you by teaching you everything you need to know. But first, we want to give you a few tips on how you should proceed when choosing a career.

1. take career choice tests

You can find numerous career choice tests on the Internet. It is best to take several of them to get a first orientation. The tests ask about your interests, skills, competences, job requirements and salary expectations. On this basis, they will recommend several professions.

2. collect information

Find out about all professions that interest you. Use books about training and studies, and write down everything important. Collect your information in a folder so that you always have everything at hand. You can also get information about your professions at job fairs where companies present themselves. They take place at regular intervals, especially in larger cities. It is worth going there!

3. ask a friend

Ask friends and relatives about their profession. They provide you with first-hand information. Anyone who has worked in a profession for many years has a lot of experience and can give you lots of tips. Also ask about career opportunities, salary and everyday working life.

4. do an internship

In any case, you should do an internship. In an internship you spend a few weeks or even months in a company. As a rule, you will work in all departments so that you can get a feel for everything. A trial internship of only one week is also possible. For longer internships you will sometimes also receive a salary. An internship gives you an insight into the day-to-day work of a company. You will quickly find out whether the job suits you or not.

Finding the right job

5. attend a seminar to get concentrated information

In our seminar you will get compact information about the choice of profession. Together we will develop a strategy for finding your dream job. Experienced instructors will give you tricks and tips on how to best use your talents in the working world.

We have developed three steps to give you the best possible support. In the first step, you can play a human resources manager and create your own job ads. This will give you an insight into the Personaler perspective, which will help you with your own application.

In the second step you will view and evaluate the applications. In this phase you will create your own application.

The third step is the matching. This involves comparing the company’s requirements with the applicant’s qualifications. Here you will find out how application processes work in companies and how you can best prepare for them.

In addition to these three steps, we also explain how to read and interpret job advertisements. We will help you to create correct application documents and give you tips for a successful CV and a gripping cover letter. The seminar teaches you everything that is important for your career choice. 

Finding the right job