With AMATUM People we are addressing the people.

While company workshops, for example, deal with questions of organisation and structures of companies, AMATUM People is dedicated to the individual abilities and talents of people.

We accompany you holistically from the creation of your curriculum vitae to the development of your potentials!

There are undreamt-of possibilities in every human being and together with you we will search for the hidden treasures.

And if you already know which skills you would like to improve, we are there to help you with advice and support.



The Latin word “amatum” can be translated as “love”. In our case, it means love for potentials, talents and skills.

AMATUM is your platform for career and skills. Our portfolio ranges from consulting on new ways of working, agile development opportunities to the analysis of skills and potentials to competence-based skills development and career management. 

Innovative products such as the career, which provides all the necessary information, tools and guidance for a self-determined career, CPT1 training and CVS1 coaching are our unique selling points. The offer includes experienced consultants, trainers, coaches who develop and manage individual offers and group dynamic processes according to the client’s needs.

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Our slogan is AMATUM – BIG UP! and BIG UP! is to be understood as big as possible:

The “rough diamonds” mentioned at the beginning are people with potential, with power and with a longing for more. They want to make a difference, first and foremost themselves.
We turn the rough diamonds into a piece of jewelry with the highest possible carat and best purity values. Decisive, in addition to our professional offers and support measures, are the individual perspectives of our “diamonds”, which result from:


AMATUM Statement

Our mission: As and with AMATUM – BIG UP! we are the partner who recognizes potentials and skills and offers help for self-help in order to successfully follow a self-motivated and self-chosen path.
We make career planning, further education and individual promotion of talents not only our trademark, but a unique path to self-realization.

Our vision: AMATUM – BIG UP! We are the number 1 among talent managers and career consultants. AMATUM is becoming a synonym for successful careers and exciting lives.

AMATUM values: AMATUM BIG UP! recognition, learning, self-determination, creativity, growth, reliability

The masculine form chosen on our website always refers to female, male and different persons at the same time. A triple designation has been omitted in order to improve readability. At AMATUM, the focus is on skills.